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Building a school is a human duty

"North Khorasan" is one of the deprived provinces of the country in terms of poverty of educational centers, and from this perspective, it strongly demands the active participation of charities with the education of the province


According to Behzad Jabbari, a reporter from the Bojnourd School-Building Charity Association, referring to this issue, he considered the role of school-building charities and their partnership with the School Renovation Organization as key and important, and believes that relying on this partnership. Collectively, firm steps can be taken to facilitate the educational conditions of the future creators of this border and environment.


Awareness and action

Behzad Jabbari, a 43-year-old school-building philanthropist, is from Bojnourd, the capital of North Khorasan province. Awareness of these conditions and interest in doing good deeds caused this young charity to focus part of its charitable activities on the path of school building and to step on this holy front which needs many loving soldiers and to build a school in the holy trench. To invest his financial and spiritual resources as much as possible and to be a man of action in his own opinion.


Exceptional student dormitory

Jabbari is an electrical engineer, and when he was an employee of the North Khorasan Province School Renovation Organization, attending rural projects and visiting the villages of the province in accordance with his field of work made it possible for him to overcome the shortage of educational centers in the province. To be well informed about his residence: "Northern Khorasan is really deprived, especially in the discussion of educational centers. This poverty and deprivation in some villages is really very impressive and brings tears to the eyes of human beings. On the other hand, education alone is not able to eliminate all these shortcomings and demands that charities also come to the aid of education in this direction so that everyone can do their part in eliminating this poverty and providing better educational conditions for the future creators of the country. . »

  Towards the end of his time in the organization, he learned that the city of his residence in Bojnourd, in order to provide educational services to exceptional students, needed to build a special school for this group of children, and in short, he succeeded in doing so thanks to God, even After he voluntarily distanced himself from the work of an employee and considered working in the field of entrepreneurship to be preferable to the work of an employee and left the scope of organizational activity, but pursued this project and with the participation of "Majid Momenzadeh" and "Mohammad Kameli" Bojnourd benefactors are working to build this school and rush to the aid of the province's school renovation organization: Schools in the province, we were offered to build a student dormitory for exceptional children and adolescents."It was a dormitory that really needed students with mental and physical disabilities in the surrounding villages of Bojnourd."



A ceiling for dropouts


This student dormitory under construction is called "Hazrat Zeinab (PBUH)" and is to be put into operation with an area of ​​1000 square meters and on one floor near the educational center for exceptional students in Bojnourd city, so that the second house for rural students And there are remote places where many of them have dropped out of school due to the distance and the lack of a center for overnight stays, and this building is supposed to pave the way for learning this science and art for our sweet children. According to Jabbari, one of the three benefactors of this center, the dormitory of Hazrat Zeinab (PBUH) has achieved about 25% physical progress so far and is scheduled to host exceptional students in Bojnourd city and neighboring villages and cities in the center of North Khorasan province. And meet the needs of students in this mentally retarded class.


Good sense of doing homework


In one sentence, he summarizes his feelings about being on the right path of building a school and serving students in a good sense of human duty. This benevolent benefactor feels good that he has been on this path thanks to God. A feeling full of a sense of duty that every human being in life can and should have towards his fellow human beings. Jabbari believes that in order to solve the problems and shortcomings of the country, especially in the field of educational centers, one should be a man of action and not just words and programs. He emphasizes that if everyone does their best to remove a problem from society and the people, many of the shortcomings that the country is struggling with today will be alleviated.





Be a man of action

The young charity of Bojnourd is determined to resume the construction of another school in one of the deprived parts of the province soon after the completion of this project with the cooperation of two other charities that are now participating in the construction of this student dormitory with the School Renovation Organization. Behzad Jabbari is determined to take this steady path. He considers school construction to be a meaningful and valuable work that has a great impact and permanence on the culture and development of society, and of course there is a need for society: "Education, like other ministries, does not generate income and the ministry is poor. To the great responsibility that he bears and to serve so many students, schools and teachers, which really requires the collective participation of the people and the authorities. Therefore, in order to further facilitate the better education of the students of our country, it is necessary for the benefactors and other institutions and organizations and governmental and non-governmental centers to work and support this ministry in the great mission of educating the next generation. "Undoubtedly, this path will not reach its destination except with good intentions and jihadi and operational work, and therefore we must act to solve this volume of problems and shortcomings, because we will never get anywhere with fruitless words and meetings."


Reporter: Maryam Naghi