Pulish date: 1399/06/15 12:48:14
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Message from the head of the country's school-building charity community on the occasion of the reopening of schools

in a message, Dr. Gofli congratulated the beginning of the 1399 academic year. The text of the message follows.

Name of God
The dawn of the spring of knowledge, the season of effort and reopening of schools, is the beginning of the evolution, dynamism and development of our beloved society and country, which comes to the fore with the sublime thoughts and hard work of children, pupils and students seeking knowledge and acquiring knowledge. 
The beginning of the new school year, the beginning of the journey on the path of knowing and understanding, begins in the year when the infamous Quidd disease 19 affected all economic, social and cultural conditions, especially the education system and students, but hard-working teachers and The students were not motivated to acquire knowledge and shone with great effort, and most importantly, the respected school-building benefactors took great strides in the current situation and by building and equipping schools in low-income areas, needing and providing virtual education requirements for education. The students made a commendable effort. 
Congratulations on the reopening of schools and the inauguration of Shamim Golzar Alam and Daneshgahi to all the esteemed families, Noglan Bagh-e-Education, hardworking teachers and educators, especially the large family of school-building donors.
 From God Almighty, I ask for the excellence and pioneering of all scholars of science and knowledge, for the dear teachers and cultural figures to be exalted more than before, and for the dear and glorious Islamic homeland, the honor of the name, position and increasing honor.


Dr. Nasser Qafli

The head of the country's school-building charity association